Presenting the OFFICIAL Itinerary for Lehigh Valley Itz A Con for 3/17 - 3/18 - 2018!


-Noon: Matt Phoenix Make Up Effects Panel / Demonstration

-1pm: Beyond the Con presented by Retired Wonder Woman & Mike McManis

-2pm: Carey Means / Michele Knotz presents Voice Acting Panel / Demonstration

-3pm: Stereotytans - Q & A Session.

-4pm: Independent Movie Spotlight presented by Craig Blake

-430: Cosplay Contest! Celebrity Judges include: James Collins Jr, Michele Knotz, Carey Means, Retired Wonder Woman, Matt Phoenix, Mark Pulton, and Ryan Weiss
Hosted by Kat Mahoney / DJ OZNO


-Noon: Comic Creating As A Career hosted by Poulton & Garland

-1pm: Actors Q & A Panel: James Collins Jr, Carey Means, Michele Knotz

-2pm: Kat Mahoney - Adult story writing from a female's perspective and more....

-3pm: Cosplay Fan Groups for Charity Event.

-4pm: Independent Movie Spotlight presented by Craig Blake

-430: Cosplay Contest! Cosplay Judges: Kay Kizzle, Inked Raven Cosplay, Jarred AKA The Kid In Me Cosplay, Zac Taylor of Electro Z Cosplay, Mike McMannis, Lindsay Shepard of SheikaChica Cosplay, and NotMargotRobbie!

Program Events, Appearances, and Times Subject to Change

For More Information: 484.619.6541

PANEL DISCUSSION: Comic Book Rock band, STEREOTYTANS! Many millennia ago, the earth and sky gave birth to the mighty Tytans! Freed by Athena, after eons of imprisonment at the hand of her father Z
eus, the Tytans now reside powerless on Earth trying to regain their former glory. In a bid to overthrow Zeus’ reign, these mythic beings have formed a rock band with a plan to convert fans in an army of Demigods to battle Zeus and return them to their rightful place among the heavens. And thus, the STEREOTYTANS were born! The Philadelphia-based, greek titan-inspired, comic book rock band is taking both Olympus and Earth by storm. These are not your typical  rockers, however. The Tytans describe their soud as “if Living Colour, Fishbone and Radiohead had a threeway while Public Enemy watched and birthed sweet, sweet, musical babies with hints of soul, funk and metal mixed in for good measure.” Witnessing this crew’s musical superpowers will transfix and amaze you through a truly unique musical experience that transcends time and space. 

CELEBRITY GUEST:  Will Torres is the creator/writer/artist of his own comic book creations:


Saint of Assassins 


He has created art for Dynamite Entertainments Red Sonja #5, and Intertwined Graphic Novel, Official Walking Dead Magazine #5. 


CELEBRITY GUEST: James Collins Jr. is an American actor and comedian. He has had the privilege and honor of appearing in television shows on SYFY, TBS, HULU, Netflix, and Amazon. He has, also, been involved in several motion pictures
 and web series.

James Collins Jr's stand up comedy uses an "every man’s approach." He uses truth, as required by true entertainment and humor, to unite us on a human level. By pursuing a career in entertainment, he does not wish to only entertain, but give those his work touches the encouragement to chase their dreams and change their lives.

His projects include: Orange is the New Black, Difficult People, and The Mystery Of The Golden Charm.  He is, also appearing in the upcoming SYFY Series HAPPY being released on December 6, 2017! For More Information on IMDb:

 INDUSTRY EXPERT:  Kat Mahoney, Owner/Digital Educator at WeDiscoverGeeks ( and Storywriter/Creator at Codename PIX3L Comics ( Kat has over 20 years in the electronic entertainment tech industry. She has worked with
 some of the finest technology, video game, and board game developers while traveling the nation educating families, students, and schools on the positives of STEM & Art Education, electronic entertainment, cosplay, and other geek activities. She loves technology,
 video games, board games, Sci-Fi, cosplay, Star Wars, traveling, and a sweet cup of coffee to keep her going! Kat will be joining us to discuss ESRB game ratings, family entertainment, and mature adult comic writing with Q&A on adult story writing from a female's
 perspective and how video games, board games, cosplay and comics intertwine.

"Old School" Blake Professional artist/director and CEO of High Evolution Studios LLC. Known for the cover art on the trilogy of novels "Johnny & The I-MEN" by Paul Manginero, and "The Flight Of Nedu" by Ken Sagoes. Comic book work includes Evo Comics "Ed Die", "Freedom Unleashed", "F-Man", Mosaic Interactive's "Guardian & The Gratuate", among others. Other art work includes movie posters such as "Sleep Eaters", commercial storyboards, and a long line of licensed pop culture merchandise available on a wide array of merchandise. "OLD SCHOOL" is also the director of the 2018 Documentary "What Lies Beneath", the web series "2 COOL 2 GEEK", and "One Button Joystick", along with hosting long running movie reviews online.

Ryan Weiss, Co-Organizer for KID CON: A Kid and Family Oriented Comic and Art Expo (, Event Coordinator for Philadelphia based Comic Book Rock band, Stereotytans
( / Ryan Weiss is involved in several businesses and organizations including, Co-Owner of Hampton Impressions: a Montgomery County based multi-function company specializing in private and event photography, home decor and community event coordination, Project Manager for Gallery at Barn 2: Hampton Impressions brick and mortar location in Quakertown, Pa , independent media sources: The Ogee Times - Editor-in-Chief/ (, Ogee Radio - Radio Host/ (, Co-Organizer for KID CON: A Kid and Family Oriented Comic and Art Expo (, Event Coordinator for Philadelphia based Comic Book Rock band, Stereotytans (, EnVi Community Outreach and Lansdale, PA based band Victor Traps.

Ryan specializes in business and community networking and partnership, event organization, web content generation and talent management.

Follow Ryan on Facebook and Instagram: Ryan Weiss

Matt "Phoenix" Limbach! Matt was born and raised outside Philadelphia where he became interested in makeup while attending Cosmetology class and working for a local haunted house attractions in the area. In 2003 he departed for sunny Orlando, FL. During this time he began working for Universal Studios during their annual Halloween Horror Nights events as a “Scareactor.” Here he was soon introduced to the world of Special Effects Make-Up and Body Painting. It was soon after being introduced to and then learning the basic elements of these body arts that Matt began refining his methods in these art forms and then became completely immersed in each of them once he was mentored by and began working with notable Body Painter Nix Herrera of the Sci-Fi show's FaceOff and Naked Vegas.

Matt is seen annually at the conventions around the US such as IMATS, FABAIC, Monster Mania and many others. Matt has works with companies such as Wolfe Face Art and FX and European Body Art (EBA). He has returned to the Greater Philadelphia area with an appetite for creativity and an arsenal of ideas. His love for makeup has expanded his goals to teaching workshops on multiple facets of makeup and opening his own school in the Philadelphia market.  Weblink -

Ryan Kroboth! Ryan is a writer, artist, and alum of the The Comics Experience School. He served as contributing artist to ComixTribe's 'The Proving Grounds' column, drawing panels from novice writers' scripts to help them improve their craft and better communicate with collaborators. He is currently illustrating SUNMAKER, his professional comics debut. When not making or reading comics, Ryan enjoys teaching martial arts classes to teens and adults at the karate school where he has trained for twenty years.

Pokemon star Michele Knotz, will be appearing for her FIRST TIME in Allentown at Itz-A-con on March 17th and 18th! Michele is the current voice of Misty, Jessie, and countless Pokemon characters, along with appearing in movies and video games like Tekken and Super Smash Bros! She's added her voice to so many awesome things it's hard to count! So come on out March 17th and 18th to the south Mall in Allentown PA, for the year four FREE show of ITZ-A-CON!

Michele Knotz Biography
It is said that Michele Knotz hails from a distant faraway planetoid called New Jersey. She commutes to New York to work on this series you may have heard of called Pokémon. Now in their 21st season, Michele returns as the voice of Team Rocket’s Jessie! Michele was also in FUNimation’s theatrical release (January 2017) of One Piece Film: Gold as the voice of Carina!

Some Other roles include:
• May, Nurse Joy, The Pokédex, and many Pokémon - Pokémon (Seasons 9-13)
• Chikorita - Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, Team Go-Getters Out of the Gate 
• Misty - The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon, Pokémon (Season 20, ep. 42 & 43) 
• Hajime Yagi - The World of Narue
• Takako Kawashima - Shootfighter Tekken 
• Matsumoto and various characters - To Heart
• Razali, Cindy, Greta, and The Fairy - The Third: The Girl with the Blue Eye
• The Pokémon Trainer, Squirtle and various Pokémon - Super Smash Bros. Brawl 
• Piplup and various Pokémon - PokéPark Wii – Pikachu’s Adventure 
• Snivy, Piplup and various Pokémon - PokéPark 2 Wonders Beyond
Michele is also a script adapter and time coder for various dubbing projects and lends her voice to many other types of work. To see all of Michele’s credits, guest appearances, and listen to her voice demos, check out her web site at:

She is a professional comedian and entertainer. “A very funny lady!” says AGT’s Howie Mandel. Pop culture event producer Bernie Bregman calls her “the comedic force you never saw coming,” while artists, vendors and celebrities big and small have personally
 thanked her for bringing comic relief to their tables and exhibits.

Played by a former award-winning network news reporter, RETIRED WONDER WOMAN been featured in dozens of websites, newspapers, magazines, blogs, podcasts and viral photos and videos. In 2017, she made it all the way on to the America’s Got Talent stage but required
 assistance getting off.

Frylock himself, Carey
 Means to year four! Carey Means is an American voice artist and actor best known for playing Frylock in the Adult Swimshow Aqua Teen Hunger Force as well
 as other productions from Adult Swim, such as Thundercleese in The Brak Show.. He will be appearing both days, PLUS there will be a VIP "Meet & Greet" party that Saturday night March 17th! 

Mark Pulton! He is the Writer for titles such as PIZZA TREE and SAVAGE HAWKMAN.

Mark is a writer/artist who has worked for DC Comics, Image Comics and Arcana Studio. He is best known for his children’s book series, A CAT NAMED HAIKU, which was nominated for Best Single Issue Story in the 2011 Eagle Awards. It was recently adapted as an
 animated short for Top Buzz starring DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s Kiefer O’Reilly as Haiku and Mark as Haiku’s owner. He co-wrote SAVAGE HAWKMAN for DC Comics during the New 52. He
 relaunched Rob Liefeld’s AVENGELYNE at Image Comics in 2011. Once it finished publication, AVENGELYNE ran as an acclaimed webcomic series at where
 it amassed a readership over 500,000. His latest book, an all ages graphic novel, PIZZA TREE, was co-written with his 7 year old son, Chase. He is currently providing the artwork on the upcoming children’s book, TWAS THE HUNT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, for Seven Horns