Seminar # 1- Costume Construction for Beginners Hosted by Sasha Ball
If you have never made a costume before trying to reproduce what you see might seem daunting. This panel will discuss the process of deconstructing character costumes to their base elements making assembly less intimidating. Included in the discussion will be
 learning how to choose basic sewing patterns, tips and tricks for costume findings, and basic make up application.

Have you ever seen a cosplayer and thought, "wow I wanna do that too!" Come ask Kira Scarlett your questions about how to get started, crafting, and how to make your cosplays better than ever!

Every good hero needs a trusty weapon.Come down to learn the process of making the perfect prop to enhance your cosplays and blow people away.

Panel # 1 - Entrepreneurship, Business and the Imagination Industry

A discussion of panelists who will speak about the realities of getting involved in the multiple industries pertaining to pop culture. From comics to cosplay to gaming our experts will educate and enlighten guests. This panel features Cotty Kilbanks - Professional Television Designer and Cartoonist, Mel Todd - Professional Comic Book Artists and Designer along with Josh Pados from VRCafe'.

                                                                                                Cotty Kilbanks                                    Mel Todd  

Panel #2 - 87 Masks 

This informative panel is brought to you by Victims & Villians where nerd news meets suicide prevention.  This panel will focus on suicide prevention within the Comic and Cosplay industry.  Panel features Josh Burkey and Kody Ball.

Cotty Kilbanks
, a native of Easton, who has worked in the cartoon/animation industry in NYC and LA. She has worked on a multitude of popular TV shows for over three decades which include:  Rocko's Modern Life for Nickelodeon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1987 - 1992), Ironman (1992) and Fantastic Four (1992) ( under the supervision of the great Stan Lee). She has, also, worked for Warner Bros. for Bugs Bunny Classics, Tiny Tunes, Taz-Mania, Disney, South Park, Pee Wee's Playhouse and lots more as well as being an art instructor, children's book illustrator, painter, and has several art instruction videos that have gone global. Today,she currently owns and teaches at her school Cotty’s Cartoon and Art Studio located in Easton PA, where she prepares her students for a career in the Animation industry.