Lady J Cosplay - "It was so fun seeing a lot of my cosplay friends at Itzacon, it was its secong year and you could see its growth and its free! It
was the first time we did trivia based on our cosplay at the table for comic books as prizes and it was so much fun!"

 Molitoris  - "My first time there and WOW!"

 Krisiak - "Nice event yesterday!"

 DiBaggio - "On behalf of the Ascension Epoch team, thanks for an enjoyable convention! It was great to see the many talented creators and enthusiastic fans in attendance. I hope we can do it again next year!"

 Burns - "Had a killer time at the show!"

 Dotterer -"Just as awesome as last year, thanks General to you and your staff for doing such an outstanding job! Looking forward to making this a yearly event with my girls."

 Culver - "OMG I had a BLAST! I'm totally going to the next conventions! It was SOOOOO worth my time, thanks Everyone~!"

 Fogarty - "Elijah had a good time at his first comic con, and was an excellent Booth Baby."

 Nelson - "Had a great time. met some really nice and awesome people thank for having me. ( Big pumpkin dress girl lol)"

Jamie Shiner Johnson - "So excited to be part of this amazing event."


"Having traveled down from Rochester NY to see a friend I haven't seen in forever, it wasn't really a bad deal. Looking at some of the posts I'm

"This was a nice event, hopefully it will become an annual con and grow." ~Peggy Eng

"Awesome day!!!!" ~Angel Dotterer 

"Thanks for a great time." ~Omar J. Perez Velez

 "I attended today but didn't dress up. I'm saving that for next year when my friend will join me. I just wanted to say that I thought it was a nice event. Everyone was so friendly. I believe you have the beginning of something really good here!" ~Chris Fry 

                                "The kids battling and jousting at the itz-a-con was an awesome day thank you!" ~Amy Savacool

 "Such a great time!!!" ~Vanessa Sue Cornier

"Awesome!" ~Adena Dries

"Had a great time today! Small but it was great! Hope to go again soon!" ~Anabell Maldonado

"Thanks for the Con and the memories." ~Ed White