Steampunk Batman and Robin
They were created and developed by Jason Hettel.
Jason Sean Hettel is new to the cosplay
community and has been cosplaying since June
2018. He became inspired to try his hand at
cosplaying after attending some events and
seeing the wonderful creativity of so many
artists and cosplayers.

Jason has been involved in many aspects of
the art community since childhood. His career in
the arts community has included, but has not
been limited to his scenic artwork in the theater,
film, and commercials. He has also been a set
designer for several theatrical productions.
Jason has also been in several juried art
shows in multiple disciplines and mediums. He
was also a selected artist for the University of
Kentucky’s “Wildcat Madness” sculptures
around Lexington, Kentucky. His work has been
featured in the book “Wildcat Madness”, as well
as two art magazine publications: Art in America

Jason is currently a Stained Glass Artisan
at Beyer Studio Inc., located in Philadelphia,